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Hey guys!

You all know the 5 Ugly Kingdom, right? And you know the specials that came with the DVD too, right? Well, ever since I can remember, we (my friends and I), tried to get the specials from the VHS which are different. Either, nobody had them or then nobody was willing to share them. I have no idea...

Fact is that my dear friend [livejournal.com profile] oemmelchen bought the VHS and we tried to get it ripped somehow. Wasn't too easy, because the tape is NTSC while we're in Europe here, where we use PAL. So she organized a videoplayer which is able to play NTSC and after a futile attempt to get the tape copied with a DVD-recorder, another friend of ours (God bless him) managed to rip that thing.

To make it short, after an odyssey, we managed to rip, convert it and now uploaded it for everybody who is interested, 'cause we're just this generous XD

5Ugly Kingdom VHS special

And since it's so boring to just post this one thing, I ripped and uploaded the other specials again too for anybody who might want to have them.

5UK DVD special 1
(includes: Crate, Eyazswa, drumming, drinking, flag, masks, carrying Shinya, Tosh drumming)

5UK DVD special 2-1
(includes: Japaneze fucker family, live-cuts, snowballs)

5UK DVD special 2-2
(includes: airplane, airport, chinese disgusting food (duckheads), Die hugging Shin, Die Kao sausages, Die Kao backyard, Tosh phone, Gameboy)

5UK DVD special 2-3
(includes: live cuts)

5UK DVD special 2-4
(includes: live cuts)

5UK DVD special 2-5
(includes: hotelroom, press conference, Tosh Vel Merkur shirt - photoshoot, etc)

5UK DVD special 2-6
(includes: Master of Monster live)

5UK DVD special 2-7
(includes: press conference with Kyo sleeping on floor, fans following bus, Kao talking and laughing about how he fell off stage, Shin blister, group picture)

5UK DVD special 2-8
(includes: live, backstage. Shin stretching, Kyo (cyberbpunk) smoking, Kao stretching neck, Tosh hair, Die smoking, live, backstage with kyo zombie, Die wiping hand, live, backstage make-up, Kyo (bloody cyberpunk) smoking, snowballs)

5UK DVD special 2-9
(includes: arcade, pistaccio ice-cream, Die fan, Die socks, fooling around with Shin)

5 UK DVD special - Yokan

5UK DVD special – Akuro no oka

5UK special – Secret file
(includes: : Kyo faint, Kao rhythm guitar falls down, Tosh shreds bass strap, Kao kills mic and throws away guitar: Rumpelstilskin, Tosh stumbles and backroll, Kaoru running through fans, Tosh jumps into fans, Tosh falls off amp, Die's transmitter out, Die's guitar strap breaks, Shin misses cue, break 'cause something's wrong, entries etc.)

All credits belong to [livejournal.com profile] oemmelchen who bought the fucking VHS and who was nagging me enough with all this to get it done somehow!
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